Moringa in Hawaii

Welcome to Moringa in Hawaii

This website is dedicated to the amazing Moringa oleifera tree.

Locally (here in Hawai‘i) known as Malunggay, Kalamunggay, Morungay, Marunngay, or other version of that name, depending which language of the Philippines influenced the name for ‘Moringa’ you first encountered.

Moringa, or more precisely first and foremost Moringa leaves, have been a part of the every day meals in the Philippines for centuries. Moringa is widely grown in front and backyards and eaten in the Filipino community across the islands in Hawai‘i.

Moringa“, the English word widely used (on this website), is borrowed from the Latin scientific name,  Moringa oleiferaMoringa oleifera is eaten worldwide in many cultures for centuries, but is just one out of 13 varieties of Moringa. If you read or hear of claims about the new ‘Moringa superfood’ or ‘supergreen’, they always talk about Moringa oleifera.

The tiny leaflets of the Moringa leaves can be cooked like any other leafy vegetable.

Watch our Video: “Moringa Leaves Omelette“. Please make sure you select 1080HD for best quality if you have a fast Internet connection.

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