YouTube video about making a moringa oleifera omlette
YouTube video about making a moringa oleifera omlette

How to make your own Moringa leaf omelette

Tasting it is even better, but if this is not an option at the moment, watching the video might be your next best option.

The tender young leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree are very nutritious and make a great omelet (or omelette). The step-by-step process in this video uses only 5 ingredients: Moringa leaves, eggs, turmeric, garlic and black pepper.

Our video keeps people in mind, who may speak English as their third or fourth language. Zahana has been promoting Moringa in our villages in Madagascar since 2010. We recently launched a “growing a Moringa forest” project in 2017.

Moringa can play an important part of alleviating childhood malnutrition, if it can be successfully added to the diet. It is certainly easier to add something to ones diet if it tastes good.

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