Organic Forbidden rice with fresh moringa leaves
Organic Forbidden rice with fresh moringa leaves

Fresh Moringa leaves with Black Organic Forbidden Rice

The sacrifices we make for food pix.

Start with locally Hawai‘i grown old variety carrots and finely sliced garlic. 3 to 6 cloves, to your liking, or taste. But there is no limit with garlic and rice anyway. Mo garlic mo bedda.

Red and organge carrots and chopped garlic
Old carrot varieties and finely sliced garlic

Chop, chop your carrots. Plug, plug your Moringa leaves. This is about a cup of Moringa leaflets from 4 to 8 ‘leaves’ depending on the size and age of your leaves. ‘A hand full’ is the good measurement for this dish, since Moringa leaves come in all shapes and sizes. It also depends on how much time you want to spend plucking leaflets in your kitchen…

Copped carrots, finely sliced garlic and Moringa leaves - moringainhawaii
Copped carrots, garlic and Moringa leaves

Sauté your carrots for a minute or two in olive oil or coconut oil (or any other oil or butter you like). Add the garlic for 30 seconds and stir. Add the cooked organic Forbidden Rice® from Lotus Foods, the best back rice you will ever eat.

Carrots garlic and organic forbidden black rice
Carrots, garlic and organic forbidden black rice.

Stir rice, carrots and garlic and Add your fresh Moringa leaves on top. Put a lid on on it and let the leaves wilt in the steam of the rest of the ingredients.

Fresh moringa leaves with organic forbidden rice
Adding the fresh Moringa leaflets

A reliable, fast and tasty meal: the black organic Forbidden Rice from @lotusfoods, carrots and fresh Moringa leaves. With finely sliced garlic, of course. Forbidden organic black rice from Lotus Foods is still the best rice ever. If you try it, you can never go back.