Young Moringa Seed Pods cooked with buckwheat

The young very thin pliable drumsticks, or young moringa seeds, are the easiest to cook.

No prep needed. Just wash, cut and stir fry or cook for a few minutes.

Fresh young moringa seed pods from Hawaii

Cut the tender moringa seed pods in bite-size pieces or to your liking.

Finely sliced garlic (yes, once again) goes really well with young moringa seedpods.

Young Moringa seeds pods with garlic

Blanch the young pliable moringa seedpods for 2 to 5 minutes in water until they are soft. Cooking time varies depending on how young the seedpods are. Just try one or two for doneness to make sure the sharp favor is gone.

blanching young cut moringa seedppds

Melt some butter. It’s adds a special note to this dish that goes well with the flavor of the young seedpods. Yes, any other oil you fancy works, too, such as olive oil or coconut oil.


Fry the finely sliced garlic and olive oil coconut oil, or butter for 30 to 60 seconds. Try not to burn it, while you’re busy taking a picture…

Finely sliced garlic frying in butter

Add the blanched young Moringa seeds or drumsticks to the garlic and mix well. Next, add  (spiced) cooked buckwheat. Mix well.

add the blanched moringa seedpods and cooked buckwheat

Bon appetite!

Moringa seed pods with buckwheaet close up